I´m a freelance illustrator living and working in Denmark.

I was born in Italy and graduated in classical piano and composition at the Music Academy of Florence.
Music was my first source in a new form of expression. Drawing has been a deeper research in order to discover the different ways a concept or an emotion can be decoded in.


Clients includes:

The New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, Oprah Magazine, Rolling Stones Magazine, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Time, The Time, Bentley Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Chicago Booth Review, Entrepreneur, Foreign Policy, The Guardian Weekly, Advertising Age, Dow Jones, Arte Magazine, University of Miami Medicine, Barron´s Magazine, Boston University, Handelsblatt, Chronicle of Higher Education, The National, Museum of Selfies, Calgary Theater, Mosaic Science, Reckitt Banckiser, Havas Milano, Desert Companion, LeMonde, UCLA Magazine, Montecristo Magazine, Nexus Magazine, Zetland, Einaudi, Obelisco Edition, Finans Magazine, Interni Magazine, Kiplinger, MIT, Zahori Books, Cell Magazine, Stanford University, 5ASH, Onward Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Action Patrimonie, BHF, Shopify, Calibre Magazine, Capital Magazine, Cassette Type, Millie Magazine, Meredith, Contently Job, Corriere della Sera, Dot Editorial, Europa Editorial, Endpoint, Helisyum, Folkeskolen Magazine, Foreign Policy, Il Foglio, L´Express France, LDS Living,, Magnolia Journal, Mind Magazine, Mother Jones, Newcastle University, Ohio Magazine, On Being, Outside Magazine, Brandeis Magazine, Cinema du Parc, Durham University, HEC Stories France, Rankin Books, TAKT, Die Zeit, Philosophie Magazine, Politiken, Cristianity Today Magazine, Sette7, Springer Nature, Berkeley Law Magazine, The Foundry, The Journal, The Pharmaceutical Journal, Quarto Group, Tuft Dental, University of New Hampshire, Virginia Tech, Weekend Avisen, Iscene Magazine, Wortees, The Wire, Wharton Magazine, The Markup, Texas Observer, Tempus Corporate, Rotary Magazine, Nuvo Magazine, ItalGas, New Scientist, Bompiani, Crain Magazine, Dartmouth Alumni, Carey Business, Penta Magazine, Edizioni Europa,  and more…